Enable investment banks with cutting-edge services, providing leading insights for Underwriting, M&A, Research, and Trading teams with predictive datasets.

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For centuries, banks have served the needs of private enterprise but today, private capital is being deployed ever more dynamically. 

However, the services and technology needed to price such assets and companies have lagged behind the sector’s growth, leaving bankers with outdated tools, models and data inputs.

ApeVue’s launch in 2021 brought a deeper set of content and time-series granularity for private capital markets.  Our services and data’s practical applications in the banking sector have widespread proven benefits across Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Research, and Client-facing entities.

Deal Sourcing & Business Development

Scan databases of late-stage companies with secondary market activity to find opportunities to engage new prospects.

Deal Pricing Reviews

Rely on our deep history of independent time series information coupled with daily updates for added context beyond funding rounds or historical M&A.

Increased Competitiveness

Stay ahead of market trends and competition with the latest, most timely datasets to assist on both primary and secondary deals.

Client Leadership

Keep ahead of industry trends, news, and market activity for institutional clients with private markets exposure.

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Investment Banking

Explore potential opportunities across deal fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Leveraged Buyouts, and Initial Public Offerings teams.

  • Find companies with liquidity deficiencies as M&A or LBO targets
  • Gain insight on private equity price & liquidity for fundraising or IPO targets
  • Compete and price deals more confidently and aggressively
  • Use increased differentiated content to make stronger and more informed client calls

Research & Trading

Gain a competitive edge with data and analytics across secondary trading of company stock or LP stakes, along with private and public equity research desks.

  • Gain additional research for trading fund stakes, private shares, or related markets affected by private equity
  • Increase participation and thought leadership in private sector, guided by data
  • Discover opportunity in new, often opaque markets and benefit from factoring in timely signals

Client-focused Relationships

Beyond core banking functions, target businesses for expanded partnerships through fund administration, custody, advisory, capital lending, fund finance and exposure to both high net worth and asset management arms.

  • Advise with the latest technology as your competitive edge
  • Defend valuations with market context plus liquidity data
  • Utilize independent information to accommodate Compliance & Audit
  • Save valuable time and money compared to Model-only Inputs
  • Maintain client interests and engagement as a market leader for privates

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Ready to see it in action?

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