Increasing broker dealer engagement and client access by collectively supporting market liquidity with reliable data, research and infrastructure.

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Despite the potential for considerable gains in the market for private secondaries, recent market volatility has spooked buyers and created misaligned expectations from many sellers.  

Without more significant dialogue, context, and data, bringing both sides of a trade to the table is a tougher value proposition.

ApeVue data is driven from an ever-growing consortium of Brokers in the private secondary market.  Brokers participate in a totally anonymized “Give-to-Get” data relationship as an independent 3rd party service provider rather than any kind of exchange or intermediary.

Prioritizing discretion and anonymity, our service provides brokers with composite data that safeguards individual client and broker activities, preserving business integrity and preventing reverse engineering.

Deal Pricing Reviews

Rely on our deep history of independent time series information, coupled with daily updates for enhanced context beyond funding rounds.

Deal Sourcing

Optionally accept buyside introduction requests, or double-blind Brokers intros, where all economics occur away from ApeVue.

Share Class Valuations

Seamlessly track the market value of your names of interest or SPVs, gaining useful inputs for compliance, audit and research.

Industry Performance

Stay on top of market movements with proprietary performance benchmarks including the ApeVue50 index and various industry sector benchmarks.

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Relationship Management

Increase the scope of data used in both business development and with existing clients.

  • Source potential new institutional introductions
  • Share independent, objective insights
  • Build further trust in secondaries 

Anonymity & Discretion

Data between all parties and ApeVue remains anonymous and unattributed. 

  • Daily content aligns to consensus rather than single brokers
  • Data models protect against copycatting or reverse-engineering
  • No names or introductions shared without consent

Automate & Streamline

Further develop sophistication and infrastructure with partners.

  • Add data flows seamlessly into internal tools & practices
  • Benefit from data and research from a non-competiting partner
  • Utilize added functionality in workflows (IDs, share counts, etc.)

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Ready to see it in action?

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