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Introducing unprecedented datasets across the pre IPO universe, meeting high standards commanded by cross-asset class investors.

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Our mission is to equip institutional investors and private market participants with robust, timely and objective market-driven datasets and analytical tools to power their private market analyses.

Theo Turner

Lead Software Engineer

Doma Ghale

Data Analyst

Cole Nachman

Business Development

An innovative, data-driven approach using market intelligence to value private equity investments

ApeVue was founded as an independent data platform in 2021, born from a broad partnership of institutional-grade broker-dealers acting to promote market transparency and liquidity.

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100+ years of expertise in the financial markets

ApeVue was founded in 2021 by Nick Fusco with the goal of creating unique alternative data products to properly service institutional-grade investor needs within the private equity market.

Backed by long-standing clients and colleagues who later became the founding team, ApeVue launched as the first consortium-based pricing service to offer daily updated pricing for private stocks.

A Call for More Accurate, Reliable Data

A Call for More Accurate, Reliable Data

Since the 2020s, investor appetite for privates had never been higher, while infrastructure and services remained relatively static. This was the perfect environment to form ApeVue, what would become the first independent data service supplying daily pricing data driven by market activity.

Answering the Call for Daily Data

Answering the Call for Daily Data

ApeVue Founder, Nick Fusco, introduces the independent consortium pricing model to brokers at the nexus of institutional broker activity, gaining valuable data for MVP.


Founding Broker Consortium

Founding Broker Consortium

ApeVue furthers broker partnerships and releases pricing services into a production environment. We become the first daily, markets-based pricing provider for Private Equity.


ApeVue Announces the Launch of Pricing Service

ApeVue Announces the Launch of Pricing Service

Formally launching in the public eye, ApeVue's private company index (the ApeVue50) becomes the first known benchmark to reflect private market declines in 2022.


A Call for More Accurate, Timely Data

A Call for More Accurate, Timely Data

ApeVue cements its position as market leading, gaining recognition across global publications and attracting clients focused on better navigating the new norms of PE volatility.


The New Normal in Tracking Private Markets

The New Normal in Tracking Private Markets

Tailored use cases evolve to include reference data for client partners, deepening ApeVue's utility across brokers, banks, asset managers, pensions, venture capital firms, and auditors.


Analyzing the Future of Venture Capital

Analyzing the Future of Venture Capital

ApeVue's data is tackling more predictive use cases in Q4, delving deeper into user-driven calculators and scenario analytics. Contact ApeVue for the latest PE performance to get ahead!

Working together with top-rated institutional broker-dealers

While ApeVue works in partnership with institutional broker-dealers to source raw data, it never takes any economic involvement in underlying transactions. With this unique independent position, ApeVue is able to build a higher degree of trust with its clients while ensuring timeliness and data reliability. 

ApeVue has developed strict protocols to ensure confidentiality and anonymity. Our clients benefit from our approach to maintaining broker relationships and collecting data that provide defense against reverse engineering of IP while assuring the best standards of data protection. 

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Meet the founders

Our team of industry experts specialize in developing pricing methodologies and benchmarks for OTC asset classes, specifically focused on the private markets:

Nicholas Fusco

Founder & CEO,
New York City

Roman Kalyuzhny

Co-Founder, Head of Product & EMEA Operations,
London, UK

Christopher Rogers

Chief Commercial Officer,
Boise, Idaho

Nishul Saperia

London, UK

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