Regulators / Auditors

Fostering context across private assets to support new Government, Regulatory, and Audit needs.

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Protecting the best interests of investors and the general public are guiding principles of governments and regulators, while serving clients with independence is a core tenet of auditors.  

In the opaque private markets, that are becoming increasingly popular, their limited transparency relative to more established markets has caused many institutions to hesitate.

In 2021, ApeVue established itself as the first, independent service provider of daily pricing, performance and private markets information.

Price data from ApeVue is constructed from aggregated, anonymized market activity information sourced from licensed brokers at the heart of institutional trading.  Most importantly for integrity of data, ApeVue is never a participant in the economics of trades ensuring true 3rd party independence and increased reliability.

Garner Auditable Inputs for Valuation

Utilize reliable, multi-sourced pricing and valuation data, allowing for deep dive reviews to help accommodate client and PCAOB best practices.

Save Valuable Time and Money

Add markets-based valuations and private comparable sets to traditional discounted cash flow, public sector comparables, and EBITDA or revenue multiple models.

Protect Pricing Committees & Boards

Stay on top of market shifts with context, whether for accommodating fund requirements such as Rule 2a-5, GAAP, or public best interest.

Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

Increase understanding of the latest private market activity, and increased infrastructure that is helping evaluate liquidity, volatility and risk similarly to other asset classes.

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Fund Audits

Assisting funds and board trustees navigating the pricing of private stocks.

  • Rule 2a-5 introduction of new fair value determination considerations
  • Potential FASB/ASC820 releveling consideration for market-based pricing
  • Accommodate Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) preferences for the use of observable market prices to make fair value determinations
  • Reliably work with underlying inputs to recreate pricing per best practice guidelines from the PCAOB

Fund Advisory

Analyze the extent which investment capitalization tables and respective cash flow waterfall outcomes impact clients in various liquidation scenarios.

  • Gain new perspectives and insights around potential risks
  • Increase the depth and reliability of services to clients
  • Value new or validate context for LP stake transfers, particularly relevant to SEC Private Fund Advisers Rule

Regulatory & Government Rulingmaking

Support a basis of knowledge for market education and investor protections.

  • Gauge actual market activity to support or react to regulation
  • Stay engaged on the impact of regulatory requirements with independent thought leadership and research guidance
  • Spend less time and resources on meeting standards by utilizing clearly defined, objective datasets and tools

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Ready to see it in action?

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