A Private Equity View

Reliable daily pricing, company valuation and performance benchmarks for private equity investments.

Independent, market-driven data for Private Growth and pre-IPO companies

ApeVue provides unparalleled transparency into private companies to help asset managers, consultants, banks and regulators better understand trading conditions and risk in these dynamic markets.

Pricing Data

Timely, reliable composite and derived stock prices

Reference Data

detailed content for foolproof tracking


Highly accurate and up to date, market & sector performance


Private market input metrics missing from traditional factors

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Confidently track, audit and value your positions in private equity as you would with any other asset class

ApeVue’s market data and insights help clients understand, monitor and value private equity investments using techniques similar to those in more traditional asset classes. 

The stale pricing problem solved

With less frequent funding rounds, intra-round pricing adds reliable context, reducing lag for market professionals tracking, trading and valuing their private market positions. 

  • Daily market-based pricing

  • Liquidity & volumes data

  • Standardized entity ID’s 

  • Implied valuations

  • Private company indexes 

Solve for equity tranche pricing and waterfall analysis 

Utilize advanced waterfall analytics to assess outcomes other than IPO’s or understand market pricing assumptions across common and preferred classes. 

  • Share class pricing

  • Standarized share class ID’s

  • Liquidation preferences and effects

  • M&A and IPO scenarios

  • Enterprise valuation calculators

  • Private company comps 

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