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October 13, 2023

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Stock Spotlight - Redwood Materials

Industrial Energy Environmental

Carson City, Nevada, USA
J. B. Straubel

Redwood Materials is pioneering a closed-loop domestic supply chain for lithium-ion batteries. They are doing more than just recycling; they are creating a system in which battery components are manufactured domestically and reused repeatedly.

Redwood Material’s Closed-loop — Domestic Supply Chain for Lithium-ion Batteries

Redwood’s Billion Dollar Boost

Redwood recently secured over $1 billion in Series D funding in addition to $2B loan commitment from the Department of Energy.

This funding round, supported by major investors like Goldman Sachs and T. Rowe Price, underscores confidence in Redwood's vision.

Key Insights:

Metal Recovery — Recover 95% of battery elements

✅ By 2025  — Redwood is set to produce sufficient anode and cathode for one million electric vehicles annually.

✅ By 2030  — Redwood is set to produce sufficient anode and cathode for five million electric vehicles annually.

Secondary Market & Funding Round Data

Redwood Material's Series D Valuation, Current Implied Valuation, Bid:Ask Volume Ratio, and 90 Day Volatility based on ApeVue's Institutional-grade Secondary Market Data

Redwood Materials' Financial Data



Series D Valuation

<span class="date">2023-06-02</span>
<span class="value">$5.49B</span>



Implied Valuation

<span class="date">2023-10-09</span>
<span class="value">$4.8B</span>



Change Since Last Round

<span class="date">2023-06-02 → 2023-10-09</span>

<span class="value red">-12.57%</span>



Key Highlights:

  • Redwood Material's secondary market activity indicates a composite price mid of about $46, or a $4.8B valuation.
  • Redwood Material's implied valuation is about 12.5% less than the valuation they raised at during their Series D.
  • The bid/ask ratio for Redwood Materials is currently heavily favoring Asks over the last few quarters, and their volatility is cooling off compared to earlier this year in April/May.

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