Key Private Equity Names Continue Visible Decline through May

ApeVue - New York, NY
June 3, 2022

Key Private Equity Names Continue Visible Decline through May 

ApeVue data show the largest private companies in the PE market drop further year-to-date (May 31st, 2022)

New York, NY, June 3, 2022 — ApeVue, the first independent provider of daily time series pricing and benchmarking for private markets, continues to report declines in the second quarter.  By utilizing both objective primary and secondary market activity, ApeVue data show equity price fluctuations between funding rounds and regular financial reporting periods. 

Cross-company overview:

Objective year to date price returns data covering marque names including Bytedance, Stripe, Klarna, and Discord, each down respectively by 21.12%, 39.45%, 38.89%, and 16.51%, were only marginally balanced by select gainers like SpaceX (up 14.44% over the same YTD period). Average priced losses across 50 of the most active companies observed by ApeVue in the institutional primary and secondary markets were -16.57% from the start of the year to May 31st.

Sector Benchmark Highlight: Financials  

Across private late-stage businesses focused primarily on financial services, ApeVue has tracked average price declines of ~21% across 16 major names (from 31–Dec-21 until 01-Jun-22), most notably Addepar, Bolt Financial, Chime, Klarna, Kraken, and Stripe.  This month’s worst performer across the ApeVue50 Financial sector has been making notable headlines for broad-sweeping lay-offs and other decisions made by company leadership; Bolt, a payments and checkout solution, had a performance of -31.52% for the month of May, according to ApeVue.

Sector Benchmark Highlight: Health

New to the ApeVue50 Family of Sub-Sectors is Health (including Wellness).  Private stocks principally categorized as Health-related have seen price declines of 8.72% this quarter to date (31st of May, 2022), according to ApeVue’s average across the most active issuers in the sector.  

Sector Overview: ApeVue50

This year’s performance of the 50 most active stocks tracked by ApeVue is down 16.57% through May 31st, 2022, which is a far cry from the Q1-2021 gains of 51.44%.  There are now five sub-sectors representing the ApeVue50 plus names that have been classified as Logistics/Transportation, eCommerce, and Aerospace.

Active Commentary

“Our [Owlin] service has focused on private markets for many years, quantifying investment risk through the lenses of global media outlets, on an ultra-timely basis.  ApeVue’s ability to increase timeliness in the delivery of transparent pricing data on major private companies is a big win for Owlin’s customer base," said Stefan Peekel, US CEO and Chief Growth Officer of Owlin.

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About ApeVue 

ApeVue provides objective, daily pricing for non-public company stocks. Our independent data help institutional investors understand market conditions, measure risk and assign valuations with confidence. Price data from ApeVue are constructed from aggregated, anonymized market activity information sourced from licensed brokers at the nexus of institutional trading. Unlike traditional company valuation assessments done quarterly, ApeVue data show equity price fluctuations between funding rounds and regular financial reporting periods. With the largest, most timely, independent dataset covering non-listed companies, ApeVue is the best source for up-to-date  insights about the dynamic pre-IPO company market. 

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